Newlyweds sharing a tender embrace in front of elegant archways, highlighting the couple’s love. Photographed by a Toronto wedding photographer.

Moments stolen from time.

Bride and groom in an intimate moment, holding hands in reception room at Archive Studio. Captured by a Toronto wedding photographer.
Close-up of a romantic moment between bride and groom, with the bride’s hand resting on the groom’s shoulder. By a Toronto wedding photographer.

intimate bride and groom wedding portrait at Harris Water Treatment Plant in Toronto

Bride holding her bouquet and looking contemplative in a lush garden setting, captured beautifully by a Toronto wedding photographer.

intimate. timeless.

Bride twirling in her wedding gown, showcasing the dress’s flow and elegance in a softly lit room. Taken by a Toronto wedding photographer.
Bride and groom's first dance at a romantic evening wedding reception in Angus Glen Golf Club.
Toronto Knox College wedding ceremony bride and groom portrait.
Bride and groom posing together in a stylish setting, with floral decorations enhancing the scene. Professional work of a Toronto wedding photographer.

Timeless elegant and modern sophistication

the essence of timeless beauty and modern grace converge, creating a visual symphony that sings of romance, style, and the enchanting dance of two hearts entwined.

A young couple captured by a film wedding photographer in an intimate moment. The woman leans on the man's shoulder, both dressed in white attire, showcasing the timeless beauty of shooting a wedding on film. The background features a lush green garden, adding a serene and romantic atmosphere to the photograph.

Wedding on film


unique stories on unique medium


A couple poses by a large tree in a park, elegantly dressed in white. The man leans casually against the tree while the woman stands nearby, holding a small bouquet of flowers. This image, taken by a film wedding photographer, highlights the natural and classic appeal of shooting a wedding on film, with the verdant surroundings and soft lighting enhancing the romantic setting.