Toronto City Hall Wedding Photos

Downtown Toronto, Ontario

Planning a city hall wedding at Toronto City Hall is an excellent choice for couples seeking an intimate and stress-free celebration. A city hall wedding allows you to focus on the meaningful moments shared with your closest family and friends, creating a more personal and memorable experience. Additionally, the elegant, modernist architecture of Toronto City Hall and downtown Toronto's urban landscape add vibrancy and charm to your wedding album. Choosing a city hall wedding also means fewer logistics to manage, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable day for everyone involved.


How long is the ceremony?

Toronto city hall wedding ceremony takes place in the wedding chamber on the 3rd floor. The entire ceremony lasts approximately 20min.

Should I wear wedding dress?

A light and simple wedding dress or white dress is recommended as the wedding chamber has limited space. Casual clothes are also possible.

How long is the photo session?

After the ceremony, we will have an outdoor photo session at Nathan Philip Square, Osgoode Hall and Bay St. There will be some walking involved, please bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear while we walk from one spot to another.

Is there parking nearby?

There is an underground parking lot at Toronto City Hall (payment required).