Polson Pier Pre-Wedding / Engagement Photos

Downtown Toronto, Ontario

Polson Pier, located along the Toronto waterfront, is a highly sought-after location for engagement and wedding photoshoots. This picturesque spot offers a breathtaking view of the Toronto skyline, an ideal backdrop for romantic moments. The iconic CN Tower and cityscape provide a stunning contrast to the serene waters of Lake Ontario, creating a perfect blend of urban and natural beauty. At sunset, the skyline lights up, offering a magical setting that enhances the romantic ambiance of the photoshoot. It is also a great outdoor location for bride and groom portrait session on a wedding day if the venue is in downtown Toronto (i.e. Archeo in the Distillery District, Albany Club on King St., etc.). Polson Pier's versatility and scenic charm make it a top choice for couples looking to immortalize their love with the vibrant essence of Toronto in the background.

Silhouette of couple with the CN Tower in the background at Polson Pier.
Couple walking along the pier with Toronto skyline in the background at Polson Pier.
Close-up of bride gently holding groom's face, showcasing engagement ring at Polson Pier.
Engaged couple sharing a kiss at Polson Pier.
Bride and groom sitting at the water's edge, bride raising her shoes in celebration at Polson Pier.
Bride smiling over groom's shoulder, showcasing intimate moment at Polson Pier.
Engaged couple sitting by the water at sunset, with Toronto skyline in the background at Polson Pier.

When is the best time to take photos at the Polson Pier?

1 to 2 hours before sunset is an ideal time frame to shoot at Polson Pier. It is one of the best sunset photography location in Toronto. after sunset, the buildings will light up, creating a romantic and dreamy backdrop for your photos.