Author: Winnie Yan

In the journey of capturing your dream wedding, the intricate details and personalized touches deserve a moment in the spotlight. The art of the wedding flat lay is a beautiful way to immortalize the details—rings, invitations, and special items. To ensure these elements are captured in all their glory, a bit of preparation goes a long way. This guide provides tips for preparation for an artistic wedding flat lay that adds a garnish to your wedding gallery.

Hand-written Personal Vows

Hand-written vows add an intimate and heartfelt touch that transcends the digital realm. When captured in photos, these vows transform into visual mementos that encapsulate the raw emotions and sincere promises shared.

Physical Invitation Letter

In an era of digital convenience, physical invitation stands as a significance that go beyond mere communication of details. Having a physical copy of your invitation adds a touch of tangible elegance and personal connection to your celebration. In a wedding flat lay shot, it serves as a focal point that encapsulates the theme and style of the wedding, providing a visual harmony to the ensemble of items captured. The invitation not only adds context to the story but also immortalizes the details, such as the typography, colour theme and design, which you carefully selected. This inclusion creates a cohesive narrative within the photograph, linking the tangible elements of the wedding day to the initial announcement of the celebration. It's a beautiful way to showcase the thoughtfulness and continuity in the wedding's planning and design.

A touch from your floral set

Ask your wedding florist for 2 or 3 pieces of flowers and greens to style the flat lay shot. These pieces not only add aesthetic elements to the shot, but also create a connection with your wedding theme.

Wooden Hangers

Prepare a wooden hanger for the wedding dress shot. Wooden hangers are often considered more visually appealing and elegant compared to plastic or wire hangers. Using a wooden hanger adds texture to the photo and enhances the overall aesthetic and presentation of the wedding dress. Don't forget to prepare a matching one for groom's suit!

Special Personal Items

Photographing Items that are meaningful for you and your fiancé is a way to add depth and personalization to the documentation of the event. These items often hold sentimental value and contribute to the overall narrative of the couple's journey. Some personal items may have cultural or religious significance, playing an important role in the wedding ceremony or celebrations. Moreover, some personal items may also serve as a connection to loved ones who may not be physically present. These items can act as symbols of remembrance, representing the support and love of friends and family.


If you have an engraving on your rings, or personalized embroidery on the groom's suit, don't forget to let the photographer know! It is important to include those in your photo gallery.

In conclusion, a well-crafted flat lay shot is much more than a collection of objects; it's a curated representation of your wedding's essence. Each element in the flat lay holds sentimental value and contributes to the overall narrative. With thoughtful preparation and a touch of creativity, the wedding flat lay will not only enhance your photo gallery but will also serve as a timeless reminder of the love, joy, and unique details that made your wedding day truly yours.